Failure an old friend

Think of failure as a bitter herb you had to drink to get to where you are because without all these setbacks you wouldn’t have come this far. Don’t stress over losing because this loss was only meant to fuel your desire why do you look at the sky when you were born to go … Continue reading Failure an old friend

Finding Happiness

Do you ever have those moments where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong? Where you're trying so hard to understand what role you had to play in this destruction, but you can't seem to find any. Where the sky breaks apart, and you're just standing there wondering why things are happening the way they … Continue reading Finding Happiness

The kiss of failure!

Isn't it weird how sometimes you work so hard on something, just to be kissed by failure at the end? And it's not the soft, subtle kiss you find in those happy ever afters. It’s one of those kisses that makes your heart sink somewhere near your kidneys. The one that makes you doubt your … Continue reading The kiss of failure!