Undeniable love

I’ve lost track of how many pranks I’ve played on my dad, and I can say proudly that majority of them took a weird turn. I remember one time I saw this challenge online where you randomly go up to your dad and say, ‘I love you.’ Now that’s not something I would say all … Continue reading Undeniable love

Making ends meet

We're six people, and we live in a two apartment bedroom. My dad drives a taxi and he works twelve hours each day to make ends meet. I work part time and I'm looking for a full time job. My older brother temporarily drives an Uber and he's saving money to pay for a certification … Continue reading Making ends meet

Being Anti-social

I'm anti-social. Sometimes. Depending on the people and the circumstance and the time and space and the atmosphere. I'm semi anti-social or partial anti-social. Or maybe 3/4th anti-social. Or maybe 1/4th anti-social. But the point is that I'm anti-social regardless of how non-anti-social I want to be. I get nervous around people I'm not used … Continue reading Being Anti-social