What is love?

It stopped hurtingwhen I put myself first.Love makes you do crazy things. It makes you vulnerable just as it makes you strong. Sometimes it makes you put yourself last and that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. When you forget yourself just to remember someone else!Scientifically speaking when you're in love, your … Continue reading What is love?


I thought you were healedbut I didn't know I was wrongthis strength I saw in youwasn't because you were strongit was because you were trying to mend yourselfinto the person you wanted to bebut you leaned on anger and we failed to seethat the cure you were searching forwas nothing but a poisonous fruitthat it … Continue reading Anger

The battle of righteousness!

I sat on the ground with my broken pieces shattered around. Blood was dripping from the sky and Allah was watching me cry. Tears were slowly streaming and the winds were screaming. The mountain I was trying to climb to reach the heavens of desire and love broke into pieces and I fell from above. … Continue reading The battle of righteousness!