Seed of dreams

I lost all my hope as failure stripped me of my pridethrough that sky I fell so hardthat every dream broke and died.The ambition that once held meslowly threw me downI took those shattered seeds of my dreamsand buried them on this ground.Failure dragged me awayand defeat tied my hope into chainsbut my journey made … Continue reading Seed of dreams

Why are you dreaming?

Why are you dreaming? What will people say? Burn away your dreams or the world will burn you away. Scorch all your wishes and lower all your skies these people will only hurt you why do you even try? Drench yourself in doubts like you always do you can move mountains but no one will … Continue reading Why are you dreaming?

The Ant and the kingdom

In the forest of Halacin lived a little ant who had to work hard to store food for the winter. He would leave his little sand castle built beneath the tree leaves, go out into the forest and scavenge for food, but he was always scared because he was small. He was afraid someone would … Continue reading The Ant and the kingdom