Monster Monster in the Mirror…

Break down your façades your masks are slithering off enough with all these covers show me who you are. Why are you running away from me? Where will you hide? Tell me what I need to know I’m sick of all your lies. Release me from yourself I am no longer yours to keep your … Continue reading Monster Monster in the Mirror…

A failure’s plea

Keep your lips sealed and please don’t look away just listen to my voice there’s something I have to say maybe a couple of words locked behind this fear that if I break my silence you won’t be able to hear and yet again I choke with words as loud as screams hoping you would … Continue reading A failure’s plea

Stop over-thinking

You don't want to climb the mountains but you want to kiss the peaks you’re aiming for the islands but you're scared of the sea. You want to reach the horizon but you're fearful of the sky you’re falling to your insecurities because you're too scared to fly. You don't know what lies ahead and … Continue reading Stop over-thinking

Self-inflicted war

The most damaging wars are the ones we fight with ourselves. When our mind transforms into a battlefield and our heart becomes a no-go zone. It's like we're torn between shooting emotions, bombarded with sentiments. We're ripped between reasons, opinions, and facts. And that is the moment where we lose all sense of what is … Continue reading Self-inflicted war