But tell me, have you found God?

You’ve lightened up candles in churches and knocked on temple doors you lowered your head in a mosque and cried on synagogue floors You sat on prayer mats and on benches made of wood you cried day and night and did everything you could You voyaged to Mecca and Medina and knelt on the ground … Continue reading But tell me, have you found God?

Dear God,

Dear God, Why can't you just give me what I'm asking for this light you see in me is losing its spark. Tell me, what am I supposed to do why are you breaking me when you’re supposed to pull me through? I'm losing my faith and yet you don’t see If you know I'm … Continue reading Dear God,

The battle of righteousness!

I sat on the ground with my broken pieces shattered around. Blood was dripping from the sky and Allah was watching me cry. Tears were slowly streaming and the winds were screaming. The mountain I was trying to climb to reach the heavens of desire and love broke into pieces and I fell from above. … Continue reading The battle of righteousness!

POETRY: The blast and the little boy…

I don’t know if it was a dream because it was something, I couldn’t believe. I saw a boy with tears in his eyes and fire burning his hope alive. He quietly looked up and to God, he prayed “please kill me once and not every day.” I couldn’t watch so I ran and hugged … Continue reading POETRY: The blast and the little boy…