Seed of dreams

I lost all my hope as failure stripped me of my pridethrough that sky I fell so hardthat every dream broke and died.The ambition that once held meslowly threw me downI took those shattered seeds of my dreamsand buried them on this ground.Failure dragged me awayand defeat tied my hope into chainsbut my journey made … Continue reading Seed of dreams

Moving to NYC

People come to New York with dreamsI came with nightmares. Coming to America wasn't all smiles and laughter and all those other soft and mushy things. It was more of crying, breaking and a lot of fear wrapped in confusion. There were a lot of breakdowns, a lot of burning bridges for the second time. … Continue reading Moving to NYC

Stop over-thinking

You don't want to climb the mountains but you want to kiss the peaks you’re aiming for the islands but you're scared of the sea. You want to reach the horizon but you're fearful of the sky you’re falling to your insecurities because you're too scared to fly. You don't know what lies ahead and … Continue reading Stop over-thinking