Moving to NYC

People come to New York with dreamsI came with nightmares. Coming to America wasn't all smiles and laughter and all those other soft and mushy things. It was more of crying, breaking and a lot of fear wrapped in confusion. There were a lot of breakdowns, a lot of burning bridges for the second time. … Continue reading Moving to NYC

My doubts

This imperfect body of yours is nothing more than just a host for your soul there is an unseen beauty dripping from within so take the brush of self-love and paint it all over your skin because you are the comfort of heaven and the ease of Eden in you lies a garden of solace … Continue reading My doubts

The art of confusion

Sometimes I think I'm dumb, but then I have to remind myself that I'm a student majoring in biochemistry. To say that I've received all A's would be a lie. I've failed countless times but here I am trying to write a paper on Carl Schmitt. I know, this has nothing to do with biochemistry, … Continue reading The art of confusion