Undeniable love

I’ve lost track of how many pranks I’ve played on my dad, and I can say proudly that majority of them took a weird turn. I remember one time I saw this challenge online where you randomly go up to your dad and say, ‘I love you.’ Now that’s not something I would say all … Continue reading Undeniable love

Village life

“Appi,” the little kid calls me out of respect. His name is Aman; he’s as old as my ten-year-old cousin, but he acts and talks like he’s older than me. “Haan.” I give him a quick glance to show him that I’m listening. All my other spoiled bratty cousins are holding onto juice boxes and … Continue reading Village life

Parenting done right

Why don’t parents understand that in their desires for their kids to be something great, they’re ruining them? That in their wants, their children are getting trampled and damaged. I’ve seen too many children sacrifice their mental health just for the sake of their parents. I’ve seen friends cry on school staircases because they felt … Continue reading Parenting done right