I quit

It was when I could not take it anymore I yanked my heart out of my chest and placed it in my palm. Why are you like this? I asked, trying to stay calm. You’ve put me through so much chaos my heart silently wailed and you ask me what is wrong you’re the one … Continue reading I quit

Am I yours?

I am the taunts of failure the echoes of death I am the breaking of hope the words of a last breath I am the cruelty of fate the loss of a friend I am the road untaken the path to an end I am the days of despair the empty droughts of a desert … Continue reading Am I yours?

The woman with the broken heart

Once there lived a woman, whose heart was broken so badly that she couldn't mend it. The man she loved cheated on her with her sister, and her mother ran away with another man who was much younger than her. The woman's heart was shattered into tiny little pieces that she wanted to give up … Continue reading The woman with the broken heart