But I am not God!

But I am not God! I know, but you can be the answer to someone else's call you can be the net to someone else's fall. You can be the shade to someone else's rain and you can be the salve to someone else’s pain. You don't need to be a superhero to wipe away … Continue reading But I am not God!

Is giving up an option?

Every time I’m at the verge of giving up, my mom slaps sense into me. Literally. Her hand is so heavy that she could send me back to Pakistan with the flick of her finger. But every time I say, “I can’t do this.” She makes that face where she clenches her jaw and her … Continue reading Is giving up an option?

Political games

Let’s wrap ourselves in these political games Let’s call it propaganda and throw out blames Let’s kill more people and say it was a mistake Let’s celebrate the spilling of blood with coffee and cake. Let’s take selfies and watch little kids die Let’s pray for forgiveness while we burn you alive Let’s divide ourselves … Continue reading Political games