Learning to fly

You said climbing that mountain would be easybut then why do I feel like I am trippingif I am supposed to reach those heightsthen why am I afraid of slipping. My ropes are breakingand I’m afraid I’ll crash on the groundI am afraid of those peaks nowwon’t you help me come down. Why are you … Continue reading Learning to fly


I thought you were healedbut I didn't know I was wrongthis strength I saw in youwasn't because you were strongit was because you were trying to mend yourselfinto the person you wanted to bebut you leaned on anger and we failed to seethat the cure you were searching forwas nothing but a poisonous fruitthat it … Continue reading Anger

Seed of dreams

I lost all my hope as failure stripped me of my pridethrough that sky I fell so hardthat every dream broke and died.The ambition that once held meslowly threw me downI took those shattered seeds of my dreamsand buried them on this ground.Failure dragged me awayand defeat tied my hope into chainsbut my journey made … Continue reading Seed of dreams

Trapped in Between

More than dying I was afraid of living Afraid of being something afraid of not being something afraid of loving afraid of being loved afraid of hurting afraid of breaking afraid of accepting afraid of rejecting afraid of falling afraid of flying afraid of being afraid of not being afraid of forgetting afraid of remembering … Continue reading Trapped in Between